An Update from the TEN|10 Group

An Update from the TEN|10 Group

The past three weeks have been challenging for the TEN|10 Group. We've lost a dear colleague, a friend, a sister and a mother. Filling the gap left by Casey won't be easy, but with the long-experienced team, who partnered with Casey in the beginning, and clients we consider more partner than customer we believe there is a strong way forward.  
As we move ahead, the core TEN|10 team will expand existing roles incrementally.

  • Longtime TEN|10 teammate Steve Foster will step into the role of Interim Principal. His deep knowledge of our clients, their history and the midstream and upstream spaces will position him ideally to direct client activities for TEN|10 in addition to his ongoing role in creating best-in-class web presences.  
  • Bevo Beaven will move into the role of Head of Media Relations. Bevo's depth of experience in the oil and gas sector from both sides of the press release will serve our clients well, as it has the past five years with TEN|10.
  • For over a decade Heidi Cies has served as the graphic design force behind TEN|10, indeed she's curated the vast majority of our clients’ brands. Heidi will now take on a leadership position as Head of Branding.
  • Casey's son, Ed Hine, will leverage his private equity, small business and leadership experience as TEN|10's Managing Member.  Ed will oversee business operations and talent management.

We appreciate the patience and understanding of our clients, colleagues and friends during this time. We look forward to opportunities to collaborate, share stories and remember while holding tight to the values instilled in us by Casey.

The TEN|10 team

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Steve Foster
For all project inquiries and website needs

Bevo Beaven
For media relations needs

Heidi Cies
For branding, logo and design needs

Edward Hine
For business operations needs

Callie Skersies
For billing or general inquiries